share. You can even add a cue for when she's peeing (my pup pees immediately after hearing "Go pee pee! Many people wonder why their dogs won’t pee or poop when on leash, but dogs may have their very own good reasons. So I take her outside and she doesn’t pee and then we crawl back in bed and she starts up with the same stuff again. I tried that with my pups but they kind of hopped around. Another thing he'll do is poop a little outside, but come inside and after 10 minutes find his spot, and pooop there. Sorry puppy. Bathroom Breaks. Puppies don't have great bowel control, so if you don't take your dog out frequently, he might end up pooping inside. Dogs might be afraid to venture outside for a number of reasons, including: New puppy panic: Transitioning to a new home can be overwhelming for puppies, which means your pup might slam on the brakes the first time you try to take him for a walk. Cause. Products To Help Get Dog Pee Out Of Carpet. My dog hates his crate during the day. Think of an exercise pen (or ex-pen) as a metal wire or plastic playpen for dogs. Put out a nice little pile that takes a while to eat. They came in handy when we did not have access to a fenced-in yard. It wasn’t always safe or reasonable for me to take her out, and sometimes I didn’t want to go outside in the cold either. We have also tried a technique that we saw on a potty training website that suggested that you take the dog in the backyard on their leash and stand in the area you want them to go in. Greenwood resident Lindsay Ray found success in getting her pooch to … Fun game. My 5 month old dog is still peeing in the house and I’ve . save. The dog is not asking to go out and often doesn't pee when she gets the opportunity. Actually eating normally stimulates my dogs to want to pee. If your dog won’t pee, your veterinarian might perform tests including a urinalysis, urine culture, blood work, x-rays and/or ultrasound. Your vet can offer supplements that you can add to puppy’s meals or snacks to help clear that right up, however, so if you see the signs then it’s time for a check-up at the vet! After they go to the bathroom, take them back inside to their sleeping spot and calm them down by giving them a command, such as "lay down." Why is My Dog Afraid to Go Outside? Additionally, author John Rogerson (The Dog Vinci Code) suggests putting the food in a circle. If you own a dog who refuses to go potty when on leash or are pet sitting a dog whose bladder goes on strike the moment a leash is attached to his collar, rest assured you are not alone! If your dog truly needs to go to the bathroom, take them out. However, I make it a point to go out with her at night and walk her around. Use an Ex-Pen on a Tile or Concrete Floor. my dog injured her back leg this morning so she walks with a limp, i have a appointment for the vet tomorrow, she's been staying off of it but i wanted to know how do i make her go to the bathroom, should i carry her out? This is especially likely if it's cold out and she doesn't want to go out. Hide a few around the yard, almost to create an Easter egg hunt for her. Don’t talk to her, don’t try to point, don’t stare! My dog hadn't been outside all day because it had been raining but i needed to get him out so he could do his business. My two-year-old Golden Doodle is reluctant to go in the backyard to do her business. They didn't really circle. However, when you get in, the pup goes immediately – often to his papers (or to where they used to be). Treat her like a 10 month old puppy you just adopted - she doesn't leave your sight (otherwise - in a crate, or someone else's lap), take her outside as much as you can and just wait for her to pee, and reward like mad with treats/praise when she pees outside. As dogs get older their bladders grow and they can hold it longer, so as you progress along in your house training you’ll notice that your dog doesn’t have to go potty every hour or two like they used to. Here are a few products that can really help you get dog pee and dog pee smell out of your carpet. Viewed 19k times 4. A dog could pee on you because they want more attention and this is known as urine marking. When she’s not with you, I’d take some extra high-value treats (perhaps bits of hot dog or chicken or extra good treats that she doesn’t get on a usual basis. Hes 8 months old and he knows to poop outside. hide. Why won’t my puppy pee outside? Even smaller dogs need to get out to take care of their toilet business, and it can set a dangerous precedent to allow a dog to skip out on their daily routine on the grounds of bad weather. report. One reason why dogs always wants to go outside is because the outdoors is teeming with attractions. Since you are rightly not punishing for accidents, making inside "bad" is difficult. I believe that she did not want to go outside and poop in the snow. By better understanding the dynamics behind dogs who won’t pee while on leashes, dog … So it activates the dog's natural tendency to circle before pottying. If he’s tired and it’s dark, he shouldn’t have any issues falling asleep. I felt so bad I put a blanket over her and she curled up and fell asleep. Well, we tried that. In Juju's case, we don't know much of her history at all. If he doesn’t want to go inside, give him a chewy of a filled kong toy after he went inside. Some dogs ask to go out because they want to play, some dogs want to go out and explore, and sometimes it’s because we simply take them out when they don’t have to go. We all want to go as natural as possible, but that isn’t always possible. My dog is toy crazy- if your dog will go out for a toy do that too. It really must be "outside, really, really good!" Anyway long story short, tonight I closed the window on my own terms and she instantly laid down and got comfortable. He simply will not go outside. Make sure he lied down and is calm before you lock the crate. One of ours jumps up on top of us, barks and dances in little circles until we open the door. I ran out of potty pads months ago. Once the dog understands that outside is the place to go, it doesn't necessarily understand that you must be altered when IT knows that it has to go. For example, you might need to train your dog to ask to go out if her current method is to stand silently by a door. I let him out every hour or 2 hours and he poops outside, but every now and then he'll just poop inside. I want to see her go potty even before putting her to bed. If your dog doesn’t give you any clear signs before eliminating indoors, or if her signs seem too subtle, you can teach her to do something obvious to tell you when she needs to go. Usually, this is a puppy who has been quarantined indoors for a month or more. These earnest little ones have been trained to use papers and use them they will! Active 1 year ago. I tihnk "well maybe he doenst need to go", but then he'll come in the house and poop on the carpet. Puppyintraining’s 21 tips might also help you. In addition, you could possibly work on desensitizing her to sounds inside. Diagnosing a Dog Who Won’t Pee. The other dog, … Beau doesn’t want to go outside to pee when it’s rainy or cold, but dogs gotta go when dogs gotta go, and you don’t want him making messes in the house. You can do this by getting to know the pre-pee cues that your dog does and then timing the phrase once you see your pup doing these cues. After all, if he would go outside, he wouldn’t need to go indoors! I have the door to the backyard open and he'll play outside with my other dog and then just come in a poop and go right back outside sometimes.